2 Best Cloud Solutions for Students


Technological conveniences available for students nowadays are truly remarkable. These advancements which were unprecedented a decade ago have drastically increased a student’s capacity to absorb and process knowledge. Cloud based technologies, in this regard, have led the way to revolutionise the conventional classroom, putting tools such as SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop at students’ disposal. Here’s an overview of how the aforementioned tools are facilitating students in their quest towards academic excellence:

How students can benefit from cloud based SharePoint solution?

Utilising cloud based SharePoint solution has several key advantages for students such as:

  • Unified platform for collaboration and content management
  • Rich online repository of learning material and resources

Unified platform for collaboration and content management

Remember how difficult group assignments used to be, especially if members of your group have lived far away from your place. With SharePoint, that is a thing of the past. SharePoint provides a unified platform where students taking part in a group assignment can configure a shared folder for documents and files. This folder can be accessed from any PC and through Microsoft Office applications. Each user in the group is notified via alerts when a change in any document is made. SharePoint fosters social experience where members of a group can contribute, co-author and collaborate in less time and using vaster resources at their disposal. Each SharePoint solution is tailor made to suit different client’s requirements and expectations.

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Rich online repository of learning material and resources

Another difficulty, students faced before the advent of solutions like SharePoint, was scarcity of learning material and resources outside of their educational institution. SharePoint makes it possible for teachers to setup vast amount of learning material including instructional material, audio visual resources and fun activities for students. As a student, one has to simply access these materials through provided password. It’s like benefitting from an immense library without ever leaving your room.

Benefits of hosted virtual desktop for students

Hosted virtual desktop connects students to their educational institute’s online resources. As a student, imagine accessing all your lab work stored on the computer at your college on the go from your cell-phone or tablet! All you require is an Internet connection and your password.

That’s just one of the benefits hosted virtual desktop puts at a student’s disposal.


As mentioned earlier, the primary boon of using hosted virtual desktop is availability of resources on the go. Students do not need to worry about having enough computational power at their disposal as virtual desktop circumvents the need for having a highly optimised computer. The student’s desktop and all the applications on it, no matter how resource intensive, can be accessed through a nominally powered computer or even on a cell-phone or tablet. Virtualisation entails that the server responsible for hosting the desktop will provide the necessary hardware resources for smooth and uninterrupted operation of such applications and software.

Security and data protection

In today’s world, data theft and corruption due to myriad of reasons are a very plausible reality. A worst case scenario for a student can be virus infiltration of the computer where their course critical project is saved. Using hosted virtual desktop, security is foolproof as the data and the applications in use are safely secured on the host server. The data and applications are in turn protected against malwares, viruses, theft and misuse by layers of encryption and nearly impervious security protocols. Even if a student’s computer is infected by virus there’s no need to worry. Lastly, using hosted virtual desktop a student can save money by running all the applications remotely instead of spending money purchasing user licenses.

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