How Do I Know Whether to Trust A Website on Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge is the new player in Internet Browser field. This lightweight browser introduced by Microsoft and really looking cool as Google chrome. Everyone used to with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers. So there are many questions in mind of everyone. One of major question is How Do I Know Whether to Trust A Website on Microsoft Edge.

In this article we will check how we can make sure that the visited websites are secured and not spams.

lock icon

If you see a lock icon next to or before a website’s address in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or even in Internet Explorer, it means that website is working on secured channel. In short, communication happens between your PC and the website server is encrypted in such way that no other person can steal it.

All these sites running on https protocol (TCP port: 443). https are being used by all financial organization where online money transactions happens also on the sites where very important data is stored.


The website with lock icon are verified by third party entity to ensure that the website is genuine and website is officially owned by respective organisasion and that company running the site has a digital certificate to prove that they own it.

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Most popular websites opt this is the security option for the benefits for their customers and visitors. If you click on the lock icon you will see all the details related to website url and the owner of it.

For exaple, if you visit, you will see a green Lock icon in address bar beside website url.

Many hackers use the phishing technique to steal users credential and their personal information. So next time when you come across Facebook login page from an unknown website or popup comes on your screen with Facebook log in, before login do verify that you has a lock icon in front of the URL and also check the URL.

This is not only for Facebook, whenever you login to any site that ask to provide credentials, do check the HTTPS and the lock icon.

While a grey lock icon indicates that the website is encrypted and authentic, a green lock icon signifies that Microsoft Edge browser considers the site more likely to be authentic.

That’s because it’s using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which requires a more accurate identity confirmation process.

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