Top 8 Best Android Education Apps in 2022


Nowadays, there are many free Android education apps that can help you in improving your knowledge in various subjects. Some apps are also useful for students who are gathering more information for their thesis statements. The following is a list of the top 8 Android education apps.

1. Coursera

Coursera allows you to sign up for free online classes from more than 100 universities. There are hundreds of subjects including business, computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Each course includes video lectures, and interactive quizzes. You can easily connect with other learners and instructors when you encounter difficulties in the subject. When you finish a course, you will be rewarded with a Course certificate.

2. Busuu
Busuu is a must have language learning app that can help you to learn your favorite language. It provides free lessons on 11 languages in 150 most common topics. The lessons cover basic vocabularies and grammars. You can complete practice exercises and get graded by native speakers. There are lots of interactive quizzes you can take to test your knowledge on the language.

3. is an Android app version of the online dictionary site, The advantage is that you can look up for any word without having to connect to the internet. It includes both the dictionary and thesaurus. There is a regional map that show the searches trending in your location.

4. Speed Anatomy Quiz
Speed Anatomy Quiz is a game that test your knowledge on the human anatomy. There are 28 levels, with each level featuring a different part of the body system such as bone, lung, pancreas, brain, and auditory system. It is suitable for students who are learning about human anatomy in all academic levels including high school, and university. Speed Anatomy Quiz is available in 5 different international translations.

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5. Evernote
Evernote is a free app which allows you to conveniently take down notes and record voice reminders for your college course. The voice reminders can be tagged for easy organization. You can also take photo and create to-do list with the app.

6. TED
TED gives you access to the entire TED Talks video library. There are more than 1,700 TED talking videos you can watch on your Android phone. The videos feature subtitles in more than 90 languages. You can download the video and watch them when you are not online.

7. Revision Quiz Maker
Revision Quiz Maker allows you to revise your exam topics by creating quizzes. There is no limit as to how many questions you can create. It allows you to create various types of questions including multiple choice, fill in the blank, and matching questions.

8. DailyArt
DailyArt allows you to get to know the classic masterpiece arts. Everyday, the app will publish a fine art along with information such as short description about the painting, technique, title, artist and the era when it was originally painted by the artist. The content published daily is prepared by experts in the field. Each artwork can be expanded to full screen.

In conclusion, above are some android education apps that can provide you with free education without having to pay for college level education. If you like this article then please share it with your friends.


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